Film Synopsis

The Breast Archives honestly and openly explores a topic our society considers taboo, or just ignores – women’s complex relationships with their breasts. America simultaneously (and obsessively) shames and fetishizes breasts. The impact on women and girls runs deep into our identities and lives, yet we don’t talk about it. What would happen if we did?

Viewers get to know nine unforgettable women who boldly bare their hearts and breasts to the camera and candidly reveal deeply personal memories of puberty, shaming, sexual pleasure, nursing, and breast cancer. By exposing themselves, the women expose and challenge all of us.

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“Each excerpt made me think so much about my own life, my family, other women, friends…and what I wanted was — more! I felt like I was getting to know each of the women bit by bit in such a fascinating way!!! And through them getting to know myself better.” —Leslie Mason, Cinematographer