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An inspirational and gently provocative documentary, The Breast Archives explores the complex, undiscussed relationship women have with their breasts.

In an intimate setting, the women of The Breast Archives candidly reveal their deeply personal memories of puberty, shaming, sexual pleasure, nursing, and breast cancer. These courageously vulnerable women begin to seek—and find—an innate and guiding wisdom as they learn how they’ve assessed their breasts and tied that to their self-worth. In a profound act of self-revelation they bare their breasts to the camera, each inviting the audience to accept her naked, imperfect truth.

With its deeply human take on the collective journey that women share, this frank, honest, and revealing documentary establishes a relationship between the women on the screen, and those watching it and takes everyone on a journey; by exposing themselves, the women expose and challenge all of us.

The Breast Archives, an hour-long documentary, consists of interviews with nine women – ages 32-68 – who discuss the role of the breasts in their lives. The participants, most of whom appear topless, represent a broad range of age, size, race and backgrounds. They include a minister, a sex therapist, a breast cancer survivor, a musician, a software executive, a European, and a pregnant mother. Many tell their stories for the first time and their candid reflections are both surprising and familiar, at times pained, often hilarious, and always affecting.


 As a Psychotherapist, Wellness Trainer and Life Coach, I am very pleased to endorse this compelling documentary project, The Breast Archives. I believe this film will be especially instrumental as a teaching tool for discussions for young women regarding body image and self esteem issues. I can also imagine it as a resource for women and men across all developmental stages. It is thought provoking and raises challenging ideas and emotions.

             - J. Ross, LICSW, ACSW

Wow, Wow – what heartfelt and beautiful authenticity! I love the courage, fun and poignancy. I applaud The Breast Archives for bringing our breasts out of the shirts and bras! I feel really grateful as a woman to hear others talk about their lives with breasts. Thank you; you make me love my breasts!

                                                                               - D Brooks Owner, Original Body Wisdom

 I am grateful to have been a part of this documentary, and to have shared the truth and depth of my soul. When we speak from our hearts about our breasts, or any part of ourselves, we become public on our own terms. When I watch myself and the other women speak about their breasts I am transformed. How wise and beautiful we truly are!

 - C. Beauvais, Psychologist, PhD

The Breast Archives is a powerful, daring and important film for all women to witness and bond with because it empowers us to honor our own bodies. This is a truly groundbreaking and remarkable film, which needs to be widely distributed!

                                                                            – Irene Zabytko     Writer, filmmaker


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