Marsia Harris aka Mother Turtle is a musician and photographer, and the creator of “Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves,” an experience that helps men and women to reevaluate their self-perceptions and discard unhealthy narratives. A passionate artist and facilitator, she enjoys the natural world, and draws her inspiration from the hilltop on which she lives and thrives.

When Petra Roelofs was a young woman growing up in the Netherlands, her peers gave her the nickname “Mother Theresa.” It wasn’t a surprise after graduating from high school that she became a social worker. After moving to the United States, Petra began working with children, which helped her to reconnect with her own inner child. She loves to be creative, be in nature, ask questions, and live a colorful life. Petra’s soul coaching business, Lifeway Navigation, offers a combination of different modalities, such as thought field therapy, aura soma color therapy, energy healing, soul coaching and working with the guidance of the angels and ascended masters. 


Eileen Hunt is a former software sales consultant from Cape Cod. Now in her early fifties, she comes from a Catholic/Irish background. As a young woman Eileen often felt shame and confusion about the criticism she received from the culture and from the people in her life about her breasts. As an adult Eileen has deepened her emotional relationship to her body and has begun to rediscover her breasts. She is a descriptive speaker and exhibits a deep sensitivity towards the world around her.


Carol Beauvais, PhD is a psychologist with a practice in Northampton, Massachusetts. In her seventies, she comes from a Catholic/Italian background. She is a mother, a breast cancer survivor, artist, and Jungian enthusiast and a spiritual healer. 

Teresa Lorenco is a talented performer. She is a singer, a dancer, directs a burlesque troupe, and is a yoga teacher. She is also a mother of three boys. She is of Puerto Rican descent and comes from Boston, Massachusetts. In her forties, Teresa has struggled her whole life with heavy hatred for the way that her breasts look. Motherhood and breastfeeding have given Teresa some appreciation for her breasts, but "for the most part" she has felt extremely negative about them. Despite this struggle, Teresa is extremely passionate about women learning to love their bodies and believes that people should express themselves and be who they are.

“The Organic Gourmet”, Leslie Cerier is an internationally recognized farm to table vegetarian chef, educator, and author. She is passionate about expanding people's palate and leads cooking workshops all over the world. Through Leslie's organic lifestyle and award winning nature photography, she communicates the grace and ease of "living the super luscious life". A devoted art-of-self-care advocate, Leslie offers retreats in her beautiful passive solar home, and cooks gourmet, seasonal, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals for health (and pleasure) as a way to inspire others to discover and embody delicious living.

Laura Gail Grohe is poet who grew up in Boston's South End. Born in the "summer of love (1967) she was raised in a well-educated, feminist household. She is a fourth-generation artist, and third generation feminist. As an adolescent, in response to the sexualized attention she got for her changing body, she used starvation as a way to control the shape of her body. As an adult Laura Gail works to maintain a healthy relationship with her body as much as her brain--this is not always easy, but she recognizes it is vital to being fully alive.
Laura Gail has an on-going project of her poetry hand embroidered onto antique linens. You can learn more about The Linens Project on her blog


Heather Toombs, in her late thirties, identifies as queer. She lives with her partner and her partner’s 13 yr old son in Massachusetts' North Shore, just three blocks from the beach. While working as a mental health counselor, she has pursued graduate work in holistic sex therapy and  Marriage and Family Therapy. Recently, Heather launched started Life Starts Now with five other women, a non-profit organization to empower the homeless community. Her passions include photography, hiking, yoga and anything involving social justice and equality. She is devoted to the well being and welfare of others and believes that all persons have the potential to learn, grow, change and contribute.

Rev. Sandra L. Harrick, Intuitive Counselor, has been working in the field of psychological/spiritual healing for over 40 years. She is internationally known as someone who is devoted to healing with her amazing gifts of sight, and with insights touching thousands of individuals in groups, lectures, workshops and individual sessions. In the 1990s Sandra founded “Soul Awakenings,” a touchstone for her unique style of healing and spiritual development. Sandra’s sessions and readings bring straight talk from Spirit, insights from Soul, and compassion from Heart. She is always searching and available for "whatever is next."