A Note from the Director

With a small nest egg I’d inherited from my grandparents, I traveled to Egypt to visit the ancient temples where I saw towering, topless figures of goddesses and matriarchs. It struck me that this ancient civilization had very different attitudes about women, and about our their bodies. In particular, I became inspired by the idea that breasts contain ancient wisdom, and I wanted to try to understand what that is through the medium of film.

headshot2I’d been shooting interviews with crews all over New England for 10 years at that point, so asking women to talk about a breast-based wisdom felt reasonable and easy to arrange. After I shot the interviews, it was clear that I’d captured a conversation that deserved my full attention, so I resigned from the position I’d held at WGBY-TV for 12 years, and since then I’ve devoted myself to The Breast Archives. During the interview stage there were moments of nervousness as the women removed their clothing, but these moments tended to be fleeting and quickly shifted toward feelings of generosity, authenticity, and dignified courage.

I knew that the toplessness in The Breast Archives might make some people uncomfortable, and that it would elicit emotions, memories, and provocative discussions. But I am intrigued by a new context for how women and men can perceive and experience women’s bodies, and my hope is that the documentary will start a conversation that can benefit everyone, both female and male, and our society as a whole.

Director Bio

Meagan Murphy is an award-winning Director/Producer with over 20 years’ experience in both film and broadcast. During her 12 years with WGBH Educational Foundation, Meagan produced programs in various genres. After completing a 2-year program on women’s spirituality and training as a teen mentor, Murphy launched Deliberate Healing Productions to create The Breast Archives, a film about women’s body-based wisdom.